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15 August 2003  


Okay, enough of maintaining radio silence. Time for this prodigal Goliard to start blogging again, now and then. I'll be shooting for weekly updates, taking a page from the Amy Welborn Manual for Recovering Bloggers.

News blackout. This comfortably air-conditioned Georgian has no problem with an abundance of coverage of the power outage. It is a big story. It is an interesting story. And the helicopter shots of a dark Manhattan were great television.

However (you knew one of those was coming, didn't you), there is still such a thing as too much. Too many hours of network and cable time turned over to the story, with too little new information to report. Just blather blather blather, on and on and on, about the same facts we knew an hour and two hours ago, while running the same footage we've seen twenty times already.

And it would also help a whole lot, on the cable nets, to take a time out every now and then, just a few minutes here and there to acknowledge that there is a world outside the New York metroplex, and that news continues to happen there, and so here are a few of the most important stories.

On the other other hand, don't the complainers realize what the blackout coverage, whatever its flaws, is saving us from? I haven't heard about either Laci Peterson or Kobe Bryant for almost two days now. I'll happily sit through somebody on MSNBC giving me a street-by-street rundown of who has power in Manhattan and who doesn't, for three straight hours every day, if only we can keep the no-junk streak going.

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